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Roadmap to Change—Amanda – 10/8/15

Roadmap to Change October 8, 2015 As regular readers know, the One Year of Letters contributors have been commemorating the first anniversary of this blog by reflecting on our lives and work over the past year. Ever-gracious Kerry expressed her … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Love Scenes- Elaina- 8/7/15

The Trouble with Love Scenes- Elaina Portugal August 7th, 2015 Dear Reader, I’m struggling with writing a love scene for my current work in progress. I need a word for the female anatomy that resides below the shoulders and above … Continue reading

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Picky critic – Tatyana – 8/05/15

Picky Critic- Tatyana Tyson August 5th, 2015 Dear Reader- Either no movie or book in the last few years has been good, or I’m a picky critic. I strongly suspect it’s the second. I have worked at a movie theater … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Call Myself a Writer – Guest Writer Meagan- 6/16/15

  New Doctor, Paper Stuck to My Bum, and Why I Can’t Call Myself a Writer. Posted by meaganlucas in Navel Gazing and Other Hysterics I’m sitting on the examination table. Paper is crinkling under my buns, I can feel … Continue reading

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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Guest K. Murphy – 5/15/15

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable May 15, 2015 Dearest k, So… you’ve picked up the harp again after setting it aside the past two and half years to focus on completing your novel, struggling with that recalcitrant black hole of a blind … Continue reading

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Perspective- Mary- 5/13/15

Perspectives May 16th, 2015 Dear M, Speaking with an elderly friend has given you pause for thought. As you listened to her the other day, you wondered if you would sit around when you reach your 90’s and talk about … Continue reading

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PubSense Summit Review- Elaina- 4/9/15

PubSense Summit Review 4/9/15 Dear Fellow Writers- Last week, Colleen, Amanda, and I went to The PubSense Summit, a writing conference geared to the business end of writing and not the craft itself. I’d never attended a writing conference before … Continue reading

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The Seven Year Laugh – Mary- 4/4/15

The Seven Year LaughApril 4, 2015Dear M,You came across a writer prompt this week: ‘‘Write about a character, who can’t laugh,’ and you thought of the poem you had written when your son, who as a little boy, said that … Continue reading

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Mary 3/20/15 Toxic Groups

March 2oth, 2015 Toxic Groups Dear M, A lot of writing groups are great tools for helping writers improve their work and further their learning about the craft. It’s exciting when one finds that kind of group. You found a … Continue reading

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Kerry 3/9/15 Improving Your Skills

3/9/15 Dear Kerry, By reading a short, negative review, your confidence shook. “I don’t think your style lends itself to short fiction.” Although you hope everyone will enjoy your tales, everyone knows tastes vary. Still, you experience moments of insecurity. … Continue reading

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