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It’s the Way… – Elaina – 2/14/16

It’s the Way…-Elaina Portugal February 14th, 2016 Dear Valentine- We go through life at breakneck speeds. Owning two companies, having four kids, going to school to keep my teaching licence current, running the boys to Boy Scouts, Robotics, Science Olympiad, … Continue reading

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Looking in the Rear View Mirror – Elaina – 10/16 /15

Looking in the Rear View Mirror-Elaina Portugal October 1, 2015 Dear Reader- Another year older, another year wiser, at least that’s how the saying goes. Our first year of letters is complete and I wonder if that adage is true … Continue reading

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Ain’t Nothing Much – Elaina – 8/13/15

Ain’t Nothing Much-Elaina Portugal August 13th, 2015 Dear Reader, Happiness is a journey, not a destination, unless you’re headed to the streets of Asheville. On any given weekend, and most week nights in the summer, the downtown section of Asheville … Continue reading

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The Blame Game – Elaina – 5/28/15

The Blame Game May 28, 2015 Dear Reader- Life is hard. Sometimes bad things happen that require a substantial amount of personal strength to overcome. It could be a lost job, a divorce, an accident, a traumatic childhood incident, an … Continue reading

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Stick Figure Family — Kerry – 5/25/2015

Stick Figure Family May 25, 2015 Dear sentimental Kerry, On the back of my car is a stick figure family acquired while we vacationed. Each family member smiles, eldest to youngest, with pets interspersed, we parents flanking the group. My … Continue reading

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Lenzon — Sigurd – 4/21/2015

Lenzon Tuesday 21 April 2015 Harvest is done. Corn and rice dried and bagged and sold. Planting has begun. For Sweet Grecy that starts with about a million and a half liters of water and six hundred kilograms of rice … Continue reading

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The Seven Year Laugh – Mary- 4/4/15

The Seven Year LaughApril 4, 2015Dear M,You came across a writer prompt this week: ‘‘Write about a character, who can’t laugh,’ and you thought of the poem you had written when your son, who as a little boy, said that … Continue reading

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Elaina 1/5/15 It’s Your Choice

1/5/15 My Dear Friend- You have the right to be unhappy. You have the right to hate. You have the right to wallow in your misery and wrap yourself in a cocoon of immobilization. Blame your job, your spouse, your … Continue reading

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Elaina 11/24/2014 — Living Life on Purpose

November 24th, 2014 If only I had realized a long time ago that I didn’t have to agree with people to be loved. I wish I could have had a different opinion without apologizing for my belief. Mostly, I wish … Continue reading

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Jennifer 11/4/14 -Optimism!

Optimism! 11/4/2014 Dear Jennifer, Optimism. It’s a quality you claimed to have. You lied. Optimism is the belief that things will turn out OK. You tell people so, and you believe it for them, but you’ve never believed it for … Continue reading

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