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Fair Isn’t Always Equal – November 4th, 2019

    Fair Isn’t Always Equal     November 4th, 2019 by Elaina Portugal   This morning on CNN I heard commentary on some national polls about impeachment. The reporter broke down the information into real demographics and it’s not looking … Continue reading

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Tasting My Childhood – Elaina Portugal – 12/24/17

Tasting My Childhood – Elaina Portugal 12/24/17 My kitchen counters are covered in flour and the temperature in the kitchen must be ten degrees warmer than the rest of the house. Poluski, polish potato dumplings, are rolled on the counter … Continue reading

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Packing Memories – Amanda – 1/27/2016

Packing Memories January 27, 2015 I finally put away our Christmas decorations this past weekend. I’d wanted to take them down on January 9, the first weekend after Twelfth Night, but I yielded to pleas for “just one more week” … Continue reading

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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Guest K. Murphy – 5/15/15

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable May 15, 2015 Dearest k, So… you’ve picked up the harp again after setting it aside the past two and half years to focus on completing your novel, struggling with that recalcitrant black hole of a blind … Continue reading

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The year without Santa by Elaina Portugal

Originally posted on The Writer's Chest: The Year Without Santa Elaina Portugal Their Christmas lists hang on the refrigerator door complete with web addresses, color selection, and required sizes. The tree stands in the corner, unadorned, unlit; schedules…

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Colleen 1/30/2015 – Deflation

30 January 2015 Dear Colleen, Today comes the final announcement for a writing contest you entered, and you long more than anything to be that lucky writer. So, go ahead—pretend you are not as nervous as a long-tailed cat in … Continue reading

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Sigurd 1/27/2015 – Sniping

Tuesday 27 January 2015 I wanted to write something pretty this week. Something ethereal. Pensive. Something from deep within about the beauty that surrounds me. To write it, and hold it close to my heart. But then, American Sniper hit … Continue reading

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