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Fair Isn’t Always Equal – November 4th, 2019

    Fair Isn’t Always Equal     November 4th, 2019 by Elaina Portugal   This morning on CNN I heard commentary on some national polls about impeachment. The reporter broke down the information into real demographics and it’s not looking … Continue reading

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Thank You, Donald Trump – 8/10/16 – Elaina

Thank you, Donald Trump – Elaina Portugal August 10th, 2016 Dear Reader I have always believed that as a nation, we have come far in our attitudes and beliefs about race and inequality. The 13th, 15th, and 19th Amendments, Brown … Continue reading

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Political Crack — Guest Angela Lindseth – 3/18/2016

Please welcome today’s guest writer, Angela L. Lindseth. Angela grew up in South Dakota on the family homestead. She has a geological engineering degree and a journeyman electrician license; however, thanks to her beautiful sister, Angela is writing full time. … Continue reading

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Because He Has Big Balls? – Elaina – 1/29/16

Because He Has Big Balls? – Elaina Portugal January 29th, 2016 Dear Reader- I typically stay out of the political arena when it comes to OYOL, but this Presidential campaign has me scratching my head wondering about where we are … Continue reading

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My Politics Don’t Define Me — Colleen – 12/19/2015

My Politics Don’t Define Me 19 December 2015 A local friend read my essay from last year about helicopter parenting, and afterward remarked that the piece had surprised her. I asked why. My politics, she said, did not jibe with … Continue reading

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