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Everybody Eyeballs — Mary – 2/24/2016

Everybody Eyeballs February 24, 2016 Recently I read an article where an Ohio boy was suspended from school for staring at a girl. They both consented to it, because the girl giggled, the boy said. Who put that idea in … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary — Kerry – 9/21/2015

Happy Anniversary September 21, 2015 My dear Andy, Today we celebrate our anniversary without fanfare. We haven’t the discretionary cash for even a trip to a coffee shop alone together. It’s been a rough year, but as long as we … Continue reading

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New Neighbors – Kerry – 8/03/15

New Neighbors- Kerry E.B Black August 3, 2015 Dear Kerry, Four hawks moved into our yard this summer. They whistled and shrieked and made themselves comfortable. When I first moved here thirteen years ago, red tails nested in the corner … Continue reading

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Your Best F.R.I.E.N.D. — Tatyana – 5/6/15

Your Best F.R.I.E.N.D May 6, 2015 We “met” one summer a couple years ago, and hit it off instantly. You were a person I was happy to know, happy to be associated with. Our interests were similar, our senses of … Continue reading

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Planting A Garden- Kerry- 4/27/15

Planting a Garden April 27th, 2015 Dear Kerry, I’ve heard planting a garden represents a supreme act of hope, and I believe it. I’ve spent a small fortune and tremendous hours composting to amend the clay in my yard. Flats … Continue reading

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The Friend Zone — Colleen – 4/17/2015

The Friend Zone 17 April 2015 It’s been a while, but I think I’m finally back in the Friend Zone. Not that one—the other kind: the period of life in which you find yourself with a posse you can hang … Continue reading

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Gossip 4/6/15 Dear Kerry, Three little monkeys stand before my imagination. One covers his eyes, one his ears, and the third his mouth, representing “see, hear, and speak no evil.” My Grandmother loved the image, so it makes me think … Continue reading

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Amanda 3/18/15 Convictions

3/18/15 Convictions, Courage, and the Internet While browsing through my Facebook newsfeed this weekend, I came across a post that made my blood boil. We’ve all experienced this: a Facebook friend posts an inflammatory message that demands a response. Heart … Continue reading

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Colleen 3/3/2015 – Judgment Call

“Judgment Call” We all judge. We can’t help it. It’s a form of self-preservation. When someone else is fatter, dumber, paler, weaker, or less talented, we identify those traits, whether aloud or in private, and then we experience emotional relief. … Continue reading

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Sigurd 1/20/2015 – Snow Angel

Snow Angel Tuesday 20 January 2015 Piano man. I listen to Billy Joel do his business on the ivories while I sit on the verge of exhaustion, punching keys like a drunk sailor, knowing I have always carried the small … Continue reading

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