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Hit and Run — Kerry – 3/7/2016

Hit and Run March 7, 2016 Sometimes, life hits us in the gut, slamming us with hard choices. We must decide how to respond, choose our course of action despite the push and crash. Will we do the right thing … Continue reading

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Colleen 3/3/2015 – Judgment Call

“Judgment Call” We all judge. We can’t help it. It’s a form of self-preservation. When someone else is fatter, dumber, paler, weaker, or less talented, we identify those traits, whether aloud or in private, and then we experience emotional relief. … Continue reading

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Elaina 2/26/15 Jesus and Britney Spears

2/26/15 Dear Reader, Last week while grocery shopping, I witnessed a brother and sister, probably no more than four and five years old, get into a scrap in the produce aisle. I’m not sure what precipitated the argument, but it … Continue reading

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Kerry 1/22/2015 – Cold

January 22, 2015 Dear Kerry, You need to remember that you’ll get nearly nothing done the day before you change Sarah’s schedule. The day of the schedule change will present its own problems, as well. Selective amnesia or an eternal … Continue reading

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Sigurd 10/7/14 – Smoke and Mirrors

Tuesday 07 October 2014 Dear Sig, You wrote her off when you left home. For the most part, anyway, you did. There were letters time to time, from her. On rare occasions, you wrote. From guilt. Guilt you still wear … Continue reading

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