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Defying Gravity- Kerry- 1/2/17

Defying Gravity- Kerry E.B. Black 1/2/2017 Dear Reader: A beautiful Mom of my acquaintance posted to her private social media about an experience she had at the theatre. Hers mirrored many I’ve had with my S-Bear. S-Bear has Cerebral Palsy, sensory … Continue reading

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Wounds That Never Heal — Lauren Gregory – 3/30/2016

Our guest writer today is Lauren Gregory, who recently released her historical fiction novel When Doves Fly. You can find her at her author page, Author Lauren Gregory. Lauren Gregory, who was raised on a horse farm, discovered a love … Continue reading

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Perspective – Elaina – 2/5/16

Perspective – Elaina Portugal February 5th, 2016 Dear Reader- The picture popped up on my screen, swollen and busted up lips,  and I jerked away as if it had been my face that had been punched. I stared at the … Continue reading

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Empathy Casts No Stones- Elaina- April 30th, 2015

  Empathy Casts No Stones April 30th, 2015 Dear Reader: This week there have been three FB posts that have set my blood to boil. All of them are diverse in subject, but common in theme. One was a video … Continue reading

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Elaina 2/26/15 Jesus and Britney Spears

2/26/15 Dear Reader, Last week while grocery shopping, I witnessed a brother and sister, probably no more than four and five years old, get into a scrap in the produce aisle. I’m not sure what precipitated the argument, but it … Continue reading

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Mary 1/15/2015 – Be You

January 15, 2015 Dear M, You have been shutting yourself off from the world lately. You had slacked off writing due to situations surrounding you, and your perceptions have changed somewhat. Life goes on. Remind yourself that you’re a writer … Continue reading

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