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Words at War — Kerry – 7/7/2016

Words at War July 7, 2016 I’m a struggling suburban housewife. Our car is broken and our basement and yard flooding. We scramble to pay bills, like many in the United States, yet we get by. We remain relatively healthy … Continue reading

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Uproar over a Cup — Kerry – 11/23/2015

Uproar over a Cup November 23, 2015 Starbucks. The people purveying expensive, addictive, and delicious coffee find themselves the center of a free advertising campaign – I mean controversy. Why? Their cups. In previous years, Starbucks decorated their cardboard with … Continue reading

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Lost and Found — Amanda- 9/9/15

Lost and Found  September 9th, 2015 Dear Reader, I love movies that make you think, and I saw one over the weekend: All Is Lost. This seafaring adventure is as tense and suspenseful as a thriller and has a knockout … Continue reading

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Empathy Casts No Stones- Elaina- April 30th, 2015

  Empathy Casts No Stones April 30th, 2015 Dear Reader: This week there have been three FB posts that have set my blood to boil. All of them are diverse in subject, but common in theme. One was a video … Continue reading

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Sock Man — Amanda – 4/29/2015

Sock Man 4/29/2015 The sock man shuffles down the sidewalk, black plastic garbage bag in one hand, packages of new socks in the other. “Socks, socks,” he mumbles. He doesn’t cry his wares loudly like the hat peddler in the … Continue reading

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Is It About You? – Elaina – 4/23/15

Is It About You? April 23, 2015 Dear Reader, She proclaims to the world, or at least to those who still listen, “I’m a bitch.” She further pontificates by asking if you’d rather be happy or if you’d rather be … Continue reading

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Take a Seat — Colleen – 4/3/2015

“Take a Seat” 3 April 2015 Elaina’s letter about our near-death experience in South Carolina and the two selfless people who came to our aid reminds me of a smaller—but no less significant—incident that occurred as I headed home from … Continue reading

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Southern Comfort- Elaina- 4/2/15

Southern Comfort 4/2/15 Dear Reader-   A funny thing happened last Friday on the way home from the airport. I picked up Colleen a little past midnight. She flew in from Chicago so we could drive to a writing conference … Continue reading

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Sigurd 3/17/15

On The Damn Human Race Tuesday 17 March 2015 Sweet Grecy, Sam and I drove back to town the other day, my whips and jangles having subsided to a point where I can deal with the distractions of life again. … Continue reading

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Elaina 1/1/2015 – The New Front Page

Welcome to 2015! 1/1/2015 “Be careful of your thoughts, for they become words. Be careful of your words, for they become actions. Be careful of your actions, for they become habits. Be careful of your habits, for they become your … Continue reading

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