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Everyday Adventures and Misadventures — Kerry – 9/5/2016

Everyday Adventures and Misadventures September 5, 2016 Imagine a road-weary traveler mere miles from home whose car breaks. When she shimmies underneath, she sees something broken, dangling, and dripping fluid. She pushes from beneath the car, feeling as though its … Continue reading

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Heavy Lifting — Kerry – 5/23/2016

Heavy Lifting May 23, 2016 I think everyone gets there, that point where the weight of the world threatens to crush us beneath. We are not Atlas. We are not designed to shoulder the burdens of a beleaguered world. Yet … Continue reading

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Lost and Found — Amanda- 9/9/15

Lost and Found  September 9th, 2015 Dear Reader, I love movies that make you think, and I saw one over the weekend: All Is Lost. This seafaring adventure is as tense and suspenseful as a thriller and has a knockout … Continue reading

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Even Rocky Soil Can Produce Flowers- Kerry- 5/4/15

Even Rocky Soil Can Produce Flowers 4 May, 2015 Dear Reader- Even the rockiest soil can produce beautiful flowers. When I bought my house, the yard influenced my choice. Lush grass speckled with blue flowers swept to a tree line. … Continue reading

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Kerry 3/9/15 Improving Your Skills

3/9/15 Dear Kerry, By reading a short, negative review, your confidence shook. “I don’t think your style lends itself to short fiction.” Although you hope everyone will enjoy your tales, everyone knows tastes vary. Still, you experience moments of insecurity. … Continue reading

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Sigurd 11/25/2014 — Rocks and Shoals

Tuesday 25 November 2014 Sig, life is not an empty chair in an empty room, and we are not tilting wind mills. I know pain darkens our day. But we push back hard, and often, we win. Yesterday, with Grecy … Continue reading

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