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The Room With No Windows by Elaina Portugal 9/02/2020

The Room With No Windows By: Elaina Portugal September 02, 2020 I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe there’s a reason or message in every “chance” meeting or split-second change in decision or action. Sometimes the message might be for … Continue reading

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Sh*t Happens – Elaina – 6/11/15

Sh*t Happens June 11th, 2015 Dear Reader- I woke to the early morning light filtering in through my tent’s window. Rolling out of my sleeping bag, I paused a moment as the wind rustled the sides of the tent, undulating … Continue reading

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The Blame Game – Elaina – 5/28/15

The Blame Game May 28, 2015 Dear Reader- Life is hard. Sometimes bad things happen that require a substantial amount of personal strength to overcome. It could be a lost job, a divorce, an accident, a traumatic childhood incident, an … Continue reading

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Kerry 3/9/15 Improving Your Skills

3/9/15 Dear Kerry, By reading a short, negative review, your confidence shook. “I don’t think your style lends itself to short fiction.” Although you hope everyone will enjoy your tales, everyone knows tastes vary. Still, you experience moments of insecurity. … Continue reading

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11/20/14 Mary- The Obstacle

The Obstacle November 20, 2014 Dear Mary, You pushed through obstacles all your life. Don’t stop now. The end goal you set for writing your novel is nearer than you thought possible. Feeling invisible in your own house had made … Continue reading

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