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Tears, Fears, and Gears — Amanda – 9/24/2015

Tears, Fears, and Gears September 24, 2015 The last time I cried at a birthday party was when I was nine or ten. A friend invited a dozen or so girls to a roller rink, and I was the only … Continue reading

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Elaina 12/8/14 The Year Without Santa

The Year Without Santa 12/8/14 Dear Reader, Their Christmas lists hang on the refrigerator door complete with web addresses, color selection, and required sizes. The tree stands in the corner, unadorned, unlit; schedules have made finding time to decorate a … Continue reading

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Elaina 12/04/14 – Peeling Back Layers

Peeling Back Layers 12/4/14 Analyzing one’s self in the hopes of gaining a semblance of self-awareness is not for the meek or delusional. Peeling off the layers of muck and mire we use to protect our psyche is akin to … Continue reading

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11/26/14 – Jennifer – Celebrate Today

Celebrate Today 11/26/2014 Dear Jennifer, Today was big. Aside from the fits of crying punctuating your day, you stood strong in the face of a big fear. You are not your mother. Although you have some of the same challenges, … Continue reading

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11/20/14 Mary- The Obstacle

The Obstacle November 20, 2014 Dear Mary, You pushed through obstacles all your life. Don’t stop now. The end goal you set for writing your novel is nearer than you thought possible. Feeling invisible in your own house had made … Continue reading

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Mary 10/30/2014 – Determination

Determination October 30, 2014 Dear M, Having taken such a load off your heart last week; you felt the excitement of life and words in the air, elusive, but it’s there. Since your last letter, you started thinking about the … Continue reading

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Colleen 10/24/2014 – Published Yet?

24 October 2014 Dear Colleen, This week reminded you of how acutely you feel the strain of not being able to say that you’re published. You tried to open an Amazon author page, but since you’re in three large anthologies … Continue reading

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