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Stepping Outside…Myself – Elaina – 07/23/15

Stepping Outside…Myself – Elaina Portugal July 23, 2015 Dear Reader- I chased a snake in my kayak today, something I never would have done a few short years ago. I’m not sure if it was a cottonmouth or only a … Continue reading

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Speaking of Cake… — Tatyana – 7/8/2015

Speaking of Cake… July 8, 2015 A few days ago I went to the doctor and discovered I’m at a weight I’ve never before reached. Not in a good way. I’ve gained weight. This number shocked me. First, I had … Continue reading

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Fat and Failure – Meagan – June 29, 2015

Fat and Failure June 29, 2015 Dear Reader- Ugh! Hunmphhh! – It is the unmistakable sound of a woman trying to pull something too tight over her abdomen. In the past it has been caused by skinny jeans, bridesmaid dresses, … Continue reading

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Elaina 12/04/14 – Peeling Back Layers

Peeling Back Layers 12/4/14 Analyzing one’s self in the hopes of gaining a semblance of self-awareness is not for the meek or delusional. Peeling off the layers of muck and mire we use to protect our psyche is akin to … Continue reading

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Anna Dobritt 11/16/14- I have a secret

“I Have a Secret” 11/16/2014 From the sixth grade forward, I knew I was different. I felt it on the inside. I didn’t much care for the idea of dating or kissing boys. In junior high there were dances, but … Continue reading

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