Mary 10/30/2014 – Determination


October 30, 2014

Dear M,

Having taken such a load off your heart last week; you felt the excitement of life and words in the air, elusive, but it’s there. Since your last letter, you started thinking about the ‘ebbs and flows’ in your life. Then you found yourself fiddling your thumbs, and you wondered what’s next? But then doubt crept in, and you wondered why. And then you thought what if I can’t do this?

Of course, you can. And you do! You’ve worked hard toward your goals all year, don’t give up. It’s not likely; you don’t up give so easily, you never had. Remember that, Mary. As you told yourself before, this is a new primary aim, and of course, it’s on shaky legs that you visualize the end goal you’ve set for yourself, but then you crashed.

You started binge watching TV shows, trying to forget that you doubted yourself. As you stared into the screen, not seeing, your brain plots something else and ideas come to you.
You begin to see your written words in a different way now. Now, it’s doable. You can do this.

That said, Mary, stop doubting.

So, here you are.

It’s really painful to talk to you sometimes. You don’t like times like these. The desire in your heart is stronger than your doubt now. You know this and you always believed in yourself. Breaking through this week’s doubt has made you aware that something good is just around the corner waiting. That feeling begins to build back up and then you quit fiddling your thumbs. A smile breaks upon your heart.

You know.


There will always be ‘ebbs and flows’ in life, you know that. That’s half the battle; overcoming them in your life. It’s just this time, it took you by surprise and now that it’s over, you know you can do this. Write.

You like to finish what you start in your life. You have done this so far. Walk and write that straight line to your goals.

You see, you’ve always had said that ‘can’t’ isn’t in your vocabulary, and now you have another word to add to that, doubt. Cast it into that pile of words you don’t use. Instead, use these words that always spur you on: hope, faith, love, belief in yourself, and don’t forget determination. That’s your strong suit, determination. It has gotten you this far in life.

You smile.

Now that you’ve reminded yourself that your writing is doable, it’s a done deal in your mind. There’s no room for doubt anymore. Mary, just be who you are. Just write and don’t let doubt creep in anymore. Remember the moments of excitement you’ve been experiencing after last week? New things are happening that matter the most to you, and that brings confidence to your soul.

Write. Smile. And that excitement and that writing you think is ‘elusive’? Never stop reaching for your goals.



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