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Happy Cashew Day! Elaina Portugal 12/14/19

  Happy Cashew Day! Elaina Portugal 12/14/19 Last week, my eighty-one year old mother-in-law hung her very first Christmas ornament ever. Being Jewish, she’d never had an opportunity, and perhaps never a desire, to hang an ornament before. She sat … Continue reading

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Tasting My Childhood – Elaina Portugal – 12/24/17

Tasting My Childhood – Elaina Portugal 12/24/17 My kitchen counters are covered in flour and the temperature in the kitchen must be ten degrees warmer than the rest of the house. Poluski, polish potato dumplings, are rolled on the counter … Continue reading

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Home — Kerry – 12/28/2015

Home December 28, 2015 I write as rains pelt the roof and winkle their way into my basement in streams that engulf my ankles. The weather’s pitter-patter used to soothe me, a comforting lullaby that made me enjoy the comforts … Continue reading

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Chasing Rainbows at Christmas – Elaina – 12/16/15

Chasing Rainbows at Christmas- Elaina Portugal December 16, 2015 Dear Reader- As the Christmas holiday approaches, my family asks what I want. Like many people, I have a laundry list of things, but that doesn’t feel like a present to … Continue reading

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Sigurd 12/23/14 -The War Within or Sleepless in Port Hueneme

The War Within or Sleepless in Port Hueneme Thy sea, O God, so great, My boat so small. It cannot be that any happy fate Will me befall ~Winfred Ernest Garrison Tuesday 23 December 2014 Here I sit, 4am, digging … Continue reading

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Kerry E.B. Black 12/21/14- Christmas 2014

Christmas, 2014 12/21/2014 Dear Kerry, You know most of those self-imposed holiday deadlines are bogus, right? Yes, you require structure to accomplish your goals, but I feel you going overboard. The stresses in your life are great enough without foisting … Continue reading

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Sigurd 12/9/14 – The Spirit Will Carry Us

Tuesday 09 December 2014 Sig, For years we hung around AA meetings listening to dry drunks blather on about all the cool stuff God wants for them. He is a magic critter with a magic wand who turns all the … Continue reading

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Elaina 12/8/14 The Year Without Santa

The Year Without Santa 12/8/14 Dear Reader, Their Christmas lists hang on the refrigerator door complete with web addresses, color selection, and required sizes. The tree stands in the corner, unadorned, unlit; schedules have made finding time to decorate a … Continue reading

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