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Happy Cashew Day! Elaina Portugal 12/14/19

  Happy Cashew Day! Elaina Portugal 12/14/19 Last week, my eighty-one year old mother-in-law hung her very first Christmas ornament ever. Being Jewish, she’d never had an opportunity, and perhaps never a desire, to hang an ornament before. She sat … Continue reading

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Crowing for a Peaceful New Year — Kerry – 2/28/2017

Crowing for a Peaceful New Year February 28, 2017 A new year dawned recently, the year of the rooster, and red is the color of wished good fortune in China. So when the morning dawned with a glorious, crimson-stained sky, … Continue reading

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An Agnostic’s Thanksgiving Prayer — Amanda – 12/2/2015

An Agnostic’s Thanksgiving Prayer December 2, 2015 One morning last week, we all woke up to the news that Turkey had shot down a Russian fighter jet. This prompted one of those foxhole prayers we agnostics offer up in times … Continue reading

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Of Death & Dying — Sigurd – 9/15/2015

Of Death & Dying Tuesday, 15 September 2015 It is early—just past daybreak. Hummingbirds are already dinning at the feeder hanging from the gazebo. I love the thrumming sound of their wings. A slight rain is falling. It is a … Continue reading

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Unlimited Possibilities — Mary – 3/28/2015

“Unlimited Possibilities” March 28, 2015 Dear M, Last week you pushed that one button and relief filled your soul. Peace came over you; the clarity you haven’t felt in a long time melted your tension. You didn’t even miss the … Continue reading

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Mary 3/20/15 Toxic Groups

March 2oth, 2015 Toxic Groups Dear M, A lot of writing groups are great tools for helping writers improve their work and further their learning about the craft. It’s exciting when one finds that kind of group. You found a … Continue reading

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Elaina 12/21/14 The Significance of One in a Peshawar World

The Significance of One in a Peshawar World 12/21/14 Dear Reader- I awoke this morning with dreams of visiting a tropical island paradise with sand under my feet and a cocktail in hand. I snuggled deeper into the warmth of … Continue reading

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