Unlimited Possibilities — Mary – 3/28/2015

10456419_10204014699312715_5602059012734843206_n“Unlimited Possibilities”

March 28, 2015

Dear M,

Last week you pushed that one button and relief filled your soul.

Peace came over you; the clarity you haven’t felt in a long time melted your tension. You didn’t even miss the omitted news or gossip on your Facebook news feed at all. Your hands are not shaking anymore, and your mind isn’t going in different directions at a mile a minute.

This week you enjoyed the stress-free news and you caught up with your other friends’ news which you had neglected to read about, and your shoulders relaxed as the week went on, and it was freeing to your mind.

Then you found your short stories, gathered the completed, and put them in a file. It felt good. You had written more than you thought. The word count staggered you. The only thing that disappointed you was you didn’t have as many poems as you thought you had, but that’s ok.

And now, you find yourself thinking about your work in progress, and how you need to keep working on it, but first you want to experience life again outside of the computer; the things you do will aid you in writing your novel and that makes you excited to work on it again. You’re hoping for the best because you want to experience again what your book is going to be about. You will in April when you go out of town to an event, which is what your book is based upon.

In the absence of the chaos that dominated your life in the last year, you are waking up to the possibilities of what you can do now and your confidence has returned, and you don’t need to feel like you’re missing something any longer.

Yes, this peace comes at just the right time. It’s spring now, the flowers are blooming, the tree limbs are budding, and the grass is turning greener.

You are coming out of your shell more than ever. You haven’t written about that yet, but you will.

This time pushing that button has freed your soul, and it has ignited your passion to write even more.

Don’t give up writing, and you will find your way again.


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