11/20/14 Mary- The Obstacle

11301436_10204394639690987_808703359_nThe Obstacle

November 20, 2014

Dear Mary,

You pushed through obstacles all your life. Don’t stop now. The end goal you set for writing your novel is nearer than you thought possible.

Feeling invisible in your own house had made you wonder if you had stopped pushing through the hurdles this week. One of the reasons may be that you’ve not been on the social media as much lately.

You’ve begun to feel like an outsider to yourself and other people.

But you’re not and you know that.

Just remember to think about what you are going to say before you write what you think. Why is it that you talk about writing more than what’s going on in your life, Mary? Life’s too painful to talk about, so you ignored those things and shoved them under the rug. Being invisible and feeling invisible, this “invisibleness” is all in your head. Get out there and participate in your own life.

But first let’s pull the rug back and get rid of the things which are holding you back. It’s time for a change in your life. You decided to rid yourself of the things that no longer help you by shoving them under the rug. Thoughts of feeling as if you’re invisible, (because you are not invisible), the loneliness within you, ( you are not alone), the treatment you get from your kids when they won’t let go of their past because it’s always the parent’s fault. The thoughts that shatter your mind when you imagine stuff that isn’t true, (you have an over active imaginative mind); it’s little things that you think which tends to weigh you down over time and you’re just now realizing this. These things do not hold power over you anymore if you realize it, and you do recognize that the hold’s gone. It’s time for a clean sweep, now don’t you feel better? No more shoving stuff under the rug.

Yes. You love an untainted house and a vibrant mind to work with. Banish these troubles to another dimension; they don’t belong in your life. You just did. You wiped your hands clean and your smile is back again.

You might be sick with a cold, so that’s no excuse to dwell on things that hurt you. So perk up, things will fall back into place again, and you’ll pick up the pen and finish that novel you started this month, and the stories you’re itching to write again.

Mary, you are an over comer of the obstacles in your life. You always have been. Don’t stop now.

Get out of the house. See the sights. Write down ideas as they come to your mind.

I’m glad you’re beginning to feel better, Mary.

Take care of yourself. Pick up some books and read. You’ll do fine. Most of all don’t stop writing.

Love yourself,


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1 Response to 11/20/14 Mary- The Obstacle

  1. Anna Dobritt says:

    Great letter, Mary 😀


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