11/19/2014 Jennifer-Fight



Dear Jennifer,

Fight. Once upon a time, when you wore scabby knees like a badge, you raised your fists at nearly everyone who dared tell you your place. You fought, you scrapped, you rebelled. You argued, you stood up, you questioned. Where is that fire, Jennifer? Where are the coals that, once breathed upon, will roar up into the red-headed inferno you once were?

I know she’s in there. That tempest, that revolutionary. Though your arguments’ resolutions migrated northward to your brain, your hands still itch to fight. Your chest still burns to scream. When did you decide you weren’t worth fighting for?

In front of you lies success. You don’t have to delve back to fourth grade to learn the roots of your self-destruction, or even second grade, or even birth. You don’t have to rehash that which you already know. You just have to reach out over the abyss of fear and grab at happiness. Grab at success. Don’t set fire to bridges behind you just to motivate yourself across. Just reach. Just try. Just decide you’re worth some risk.

Your babies live on the other side. Your dreams live on the far shore. Yes, Charybdis and Scylla live in the water. Calypso and the Lotus Eaters may lure you from your path, but you will reach your goals if you keep moving toward them. To Hell with danger. To Hell with distraction: plot your course and sail it.

Fight, Jennifer. Push through. Imagine the hugs after coming home from work. Imagine the snuggles you’ll get when the little one finally feels safe. Imagine making a difference in a dozen lives every day by helping other people fight for their dreams as well.

Fight, Jennifer. Fight your boys, and fight for yourself. Don’t lie down for a single minute! Stand up. Put your fists up! Take that deep breath and prepare to scream from the rooftops if you have to. You will win, you will win. You will pass temptation, overcome adversity, and you will win.

But only if you fight.

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