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The Room With No Windows by Elaina Portugal 9/02/2020

The Room With No Windows By: Elaina Portugal September 02, 2020 I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe there’s a reason or message in every “chance” meeting or split-second change in decision or action. Sometimes the message might be for … Continue reading

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Roadmap to Change—Amanda – 10/8/15

Roadmap to Change October 8, 2015 As regular readers know, the One Year of Letters contributors have been commemorating the first anniversary of this blog by reflecting on our lives and work over the past year. Ever-gracious Kerry expressed her … Continue reading

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Mary 11/13/14 – Be Mindful

Be Mindful November 13, 2014 Dear Mary, You’re being mindful of the things that matter the most to you. Having already written more this year than ever before, you’ve surprised yourself. You have written almost a quarter of the words … Continue reading

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Guest- Will Pennington 11/9/14 – At Home

“At Home” November 9th, 2014 Dear Willy, You haven’t written a letter in quite some time, several years at best. You haven’t written a letter since you were stationed on that Indian Ocean island paradise, Diego Garcia, in 2001, thirteen … Continue reading

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Elaina 10/27/14- Moving Forward

October 27th, 2014 Hey Self- Today’s letter comes from the balcony of my hotel room as I overlook the Atlantic. Living in the mountains, we don’t really have sunrises. By the time the sun peeks over the mountains, it already … Continue reading

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Elaina 10/20/2014- Memories, Triggers, and PTSD

October 20th, 2014 Dear Elaina, What a rough week. You floundered big time. You watched over 20 hours of television this week, something you only do when your PTSD rears its debilitating head. It’s kicking your butt this time and … Continue reading

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