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Sportsmanship and Selflessness — Kerry – 4/25/2016

Sportsmanship and Selflessness April 25, 2016 Today, M-man took the field for his first day of T-ball. He overcame shyness, prying himself from my leg, and donned his LA Dodgers uniform. He looked adorable as he imitated his coach’s stance, … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in the USA – Amanda- 6/24/15

Fear and Loathing in the USA- June 24, 2015 Dear Reader- On Father’s Day, my family and I saw the movie Inside Out, and it served as antidote for a rough week preceding. Nothing bad happened to me personally, but … Continue reading

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Perils of Social Media – Kerry – 5/18/15

Perils of Social Media 18 May, 2015 Dear Kerry, Social Media has been a blessing in many ways. It allows ease of access to family and friends. We post photos of our children, share good news, and convey greetings for … Continue reading

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Southern Comfort- Elaina- 4/2/15

Southern Comfort 4/2/15 Dear Reader-   A funny thing happened last Friday on the way home from the airport. I picked up Colleen a little past midnight. She flew in from Chicago so we could drive to a writing conference … Continue reading

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Sigurd 3/17/15

On The Damn Human Race Tuesday 17 March 2015 Sweet Grecy, Sam and I drove back to town the other day, my whips and jangles having subsided to a point where I can deal with the distractions of life again. … Continue reading

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