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Perspective – Elaina – 2/5/16

Perspective – Elaina Portugal February 5th, 2016 Dear Reader- The picture popped up on my screen, swollen and busted up lips,  and I jerked away as if it had been my face that had been punched. I stared at the … Continue reading

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Elaina 3/5/15 Who Would I Be if No one Judged Me?

3/5/15 Who would I be if no one judged me? I’ve been tossing that question around in my mind this week after reading Colleen’s piece on Judgment and Amanda’s piece on Fear and Ambition. My immediate reaction is, I would … Continue reading

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Colleen 2/20/2015 – The Wrath of Coll

20 February 2015 I am in many ways a very tolerant person. I’ve faced with supernatural calmness challenges that most people couldn’t fathom. I spent far too long waiting for my marriage to wind down. I’m flexible and easy-going in … Continue reading

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