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Sour Milk — Colleen – 3/27/2015

“Sour Milk” 27 March 2015 Days, sometimes weeks, go by when I don’t think about him. He is no longer part of my daily existence. But then, in innocuous conversations with friends, his tentacles work their way into my mouth, … Continue reading

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Elaina 3/5/15 Who Would I Be if No one Judged Me?

3/5/15 Who would I be if no one judged me? I’ve been tossing that question around in my mind this week after reading Colleen’s piece on Judgment and Amanda’s piece on Fear and Ambition. My immediate reaction is, I would … Continue reading

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Colleen 11/14/2014 – Girl Power

14 November 2014 Dear Colleen, “I finished my second novel today,” you said. “Now all it needs is a date with the editor.” He leaned forward with interest. “Hey, that’s terrific. Give me a synopsis of them, why don’t you?” … Continue reading

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Jennifer 11/11/14 – Success

Success 11/12/2014 Dear Jennifer, Remember this heady feeling of success? Of the stars aligning just for you? It’s been a long time, but there it is. You have plenty more work to do, more work than you think is even … Continue reading

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