Happy Anniversary — Kerry – 9/21/2015

11949563_10204810620284626_2051365364_nHappy Anniversary

September 21, 2015

My dear Andy,

Today we celebrate our anniversary without fanfare. We haven’t the discretionary cash for even a trip to a coffee shop alone together. It’s been a rough year, but as long as we support one another, we’ll survive.

You stumble in from work, exhausted. The kids scramble to greet you before they head off to bed. I snuggle into the crook of your arm, grateful for the steady beat of your heart. Your hand plays in my hair, making me realize why cats purr. I run my fingertips over the palm of your hand. The callouses there tell of toils. Titanium rings your left finger, proclaiming our bond.

I kiss you, recalling how we trembled before Pastor Tina and our families when we took our first kiss as a married couple. As was stated in “The Princess Bride,” there are only so many perfect kisses. Our “you may kiss the bride” kiss numbered among the elite group of perfection. I melted into your grasp and felt the earth move beneath me. For its duration, our hearts beat with the infinite, defined by lips and touch and desire.

There will be other years when we can explore the world beyond our living room, but until then, I remain grateful for your comforting embrace at night, you listening with sympathy to my plights, and your steadfast friendship and love.

Let’s light a fire of sunflower blooms and perfect kisses until our fortunes meld with the infinite.


Kerry Liz

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3 Responses to Happy Anniversary — Kerry – 9/21/2015

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  2. Sheryl says:

    Happy Anniversary! Our anniversary was Sept. 18th and we didn’t even relize it until my husband’s mother called. So dinner quickly turned into our “Anniversary Dinner” lol

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