The year without Santa by Elaina Portugal

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no santa

The Year Without Santa

Elaina Portugal

Their Christmas lists hang on the refrigerator door complete with web addresses, color selection, and required sizes. The tree stands in the corner, unadorned, unlit; schedules have made finding time to decorate a challenge. The house across the street shines colorful and bright with multi-colored strands of lights, while ours remains dark. Santa isn’t coming this year and his absence has stolen the magic and joy from Christmas.
Presents will be purchased, wrapped, tagged, and bowed, but this year there is no need to have neighbors fill out gift tags. The youngest of my sons knows the truth and we don’t need to have Santa’s name forged. I listen to Christmas music on repeat, from the classics to contemporary, the jubilation won’t attach and my insides resemble deflated lawn ornaments.
I didn’t expect this to crush me. With a 15 year age span…

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