The Seven Year Laugh – Mary- 4/4/15

11130201_10204064615200581_7324915100762817963_nThe Seven Year Laugh
April 4, 2015
Dear M,
You came across a writer prompt this week: ‘‘Write about a character, who can’t laugh,’ and you thought of the poem you had written when your son, who as a little boy, said that you didn’t laugh but once every seven years.
That’s not you anymore.
You’ve found joy returning to life again. Whether you lift the corners of your mouth at something you’ve read, or at seeing your granddaughter’s eyes light up when she sees you; your heart overflows, and your mind launches new ideas for your writing again.
Looking out the window, you see the ray of a sunbeam splashing against the tree and its limbs shadow shady spots on the ground. This is the start of spring for you, and for any and all adventures which may await you this year.
It’s a new beginning for you. April is a special month. Your son’s birthday is in this month. You didn’t forget that your mother’s birthday was a couple days ago. You’ve missed her smile and laughter so much. Happy Birthday, Mom.
Maybe it is the seventh year, time for you to smile more; but you perish that thought. You write upon the page to feel and see; still feeling elation in your heart and you know that you’re on the right path now. You feel your words will take you where you need to go, and to the place you’ve yet to stumble upon. You believe that time is nearer than it was over a year and a half ago.
Life, love, joy, and of course, writing your words are the simplest things that bring happiness. Some don’t see it that way; their hearts are darkened by their own selfish desires which they refuse to acknowledge, but you rather revel in your new found start again, and not to become miserable as you once were. I thank my son for ever saying that to begin with, it opened my eyes about laughter.
That unsmiling person is not you anymore.
You’ve found your laughing spirit again.
Keep writing, M. Your written words will take you where you need to go.

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1 Response to The Seven Year Laugh – Mary- 4/4/15

  1. Peggy Wolf says:

    Laughter has been my way to navigate the bumpy road of life. Smile on, Mary. 🙂


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