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Majoring in Communication — Colleen – 1/22/2016

Majoring in Communication 22 January 2016 There’s something ironic about the fact that we humans have evolved complex emotions and varied ways in which to communicate, but spend our lives miscommunicating on a near-constant basis. Even I, who pride myself … Continue reading

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Wheeling — Kerry – 12/7/15

Wheeling December 7, 2015 I am not as strong as my children, particularly my Sarah. In an attempt to understand what my girl goes through, I borrowed her wheelchair for an afternoon of shopping. Dirty hands. I wore her gloves, … Continue reading

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Why Worry — Kerry – 10/26/2015

Why Worry October 26, 2015 Dear Kerry, Why do worries consume you? Late at night, you jolt awake in a cold sweat. No nightmare could achieve this result as efficiently. Your worries seize you. The realities that you try to … Continue reading

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Point of Reference- Elaina – October 15th, 2015

Point of Reference- Elaina Portugal Dear Reader, It’s not until I leave the mountains that I realize how high above sea level I live. Last week I drove down to South Carolina to run a few errands and pick up … Continue reading

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Perspective- Mary- 5/13/15

Perspectives May 16th, 2015 Dear M, Speaking with an elderly friend has given you pause for thought. As you listened to her the other day, you wondered if you would sit around when you reach your 90’s and talk about … Continue reading

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Dandelions — Kerry – 5/11/2015

Dandelions 11 May 2015 Dear Kerry, While outside enjoying a pleasant afternoon, my son rushed to me, a big grin on his ruddy face. Clutched in his grubby fist was a bouquet that reminded me of gathered sunshine. “For you, … Continue reading

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Kerry- 2/9/15 – The Dreaded Birthdays Ending in “0”

2/9/15 Dear Kerry, Today is your sister’s birthday, one ending with a dreaded “0.” The day distresses her, though other birthdays passed without her concern. This one, this year, struck at her and forced introspection. When you asked her why … Continue reading

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Kerry 1/26/15 Perspective

1/26/15 Dear Kerry, Rain falls, encasing the ground in a coffin of ice. Footing proves treacherous. You must hold handrails to progress, must cling to the car as you chip chunks from the windows and around the door. The cold … Continue reading

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