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The Seven Year Laugh – Mary- 4/4/15

The Seven Year LaughApril 4, 2015Dear M,You came across a writer prompt this week: ‘‘Write about a character, who can’t laugh,’ and you thought of the poem you had written when your son, who as a little boy, said that … Continue reading

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Mary 3/20/15 Toxic Groups

March 2oth, 2015 Toxic Groups Dear M, A lot of writing groups are great tools for helping writers improve their work and further their learning about the craft. It’s exciting when one finds that kind of group. You found a … Continue reading

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Kerry 3/9/15 Improving Your Skills

3/9/15 Dear Kerry, By reading a short, negative review, your confidence shook. “I don’t think your style lends itself to short fiction.” Although you hope everyone will enjoy your tales, everyone knows tastes vary. Still, you experience moments of insecurity. … Continue reading

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Mary 2/21/15 #Amwriting

February  21, 2014 Dear M, As a child you wrote a letter to someone about how you felt, but you weren’t expecting your sibling to find it and make fun of the contents. For years, you separated yourself from your … Continue reading

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Guest Letter 2/8/15 Damian Bloodstone

This week’s guest writer is Damian Bloodstone- Damian is a simple man going to survive this life trying to find love, happiness and joy. The only thing making it worthwhile are good friends, his dog, and his writings. Dear Damian, 2/8/15 Dear … Continue reading

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Mary – 2/7/15 – People Watching

People Watching February 7, 2015 Dear M, You are such a strong person, yet a loner at the same time. It doesn’t bother you when your life moves on without you being present. I’m talking about how social interactions affect … Continue reading

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Sigurd 12/23/14 -The War Within or Sleepless in Port Hueneme

The War Within or Sleepless in Port Hueneme Thy sea, O God, so great, My boat so small. It cannot be that any happy fate Will me befall ~Winfred Ernest Garrison Tuesday 23 December 2014 Here I sit, 4am, digging … Continue reading

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