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I, Their Moon — Kerry – 11/9/2015

I, Their Moon 9 November 2015 I circle them like a moon and they my planet. I’m always there, even when their suns eclipse me. My children gather stars to their breasts like a brilliant bouquet. Each solar bloom bursts … Continue reading

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Quantifying Quality — Elaina – 9/25/2015

Quantifying Quality September 25, 2015 If you ask anyone who owns a small business, they will tell you life is similar to one big roller coaster ride. The highs are highs, but when you tip over that edge, it’s hard … Continue reading

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Samara 12/3/14 – I Looked in the Mirror

It is our pleasure to welcome Samara Norton as our mid-week guest writer. Samara, or K.S. Norton is a mother of two and an online student at Full Sail University. She’s currently getting her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. Samara is a … Continue reading

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Colleen 11/7/14 – Wingman

7 November 2014 Dear Colleen, You have spent thirty years trying and failing to put down on paper what your dad means to you, failing in large part because you feared if you made yourself say it then that might … Continue reading

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