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Quantifying Quality — Elaina – 9/25/2015

Quantifying Quality September 25, 2015 If you ask anyone who owns a small business, they will tell you life is similar to one big roller coaster ride. The highs are highs, but when you tip over that edge, it’s hard … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Letter — Colleen – 8/24/2015

A Heartfelt Letter 24 August 2015 We call ourselves modern, yet we still hold the heart as our most sacred organ. No other part of us represents so great a range of emotions and power. Not only does it drive … Continue reading

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Elaina 1/19/15 The Two of Me

1/19/15 The Two of Me Sometimes I feel like two people live inside me. The first person can change her own flat tire, paint her house, take apart her kitchen sink to fix the disposal, and chop up the tree … Continue reading

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Elaina 12/15/14 – Red Satin Stilettos

Red Satin Stilettos 12/15/14 It starts with a tingle, a tantalizing nibble at the ends of my thoughts, but I squash it down because I have so much to do and so many people who need me to do it. … Continue reading

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Guest Writer Kerry E.B. Black 11/2/14

11/2/2014 Dear Kerry, So, here’s the deal. You are feeling your age, which is not surprising considering you are firmly ensconced in the middle of your life. You watch Hollywood starlets who share your birth year smile with perfect, gleaming … Continue reading

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Sigurd 10/28/2014 -The Grind

Tuesday 28 October 2014 Boy Sig, what a week this has been. Physical pain bore down on you. It was your constant companion. It intruded into everything. Even sleep. Hard to remember life before. Seems like it’s never been any … Continue reading

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