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Colleen 2/27/2015 – Il Mio Tesoro

“Il Mio Tesoro” 27 February 2015 Dear Colleen, She’s your last baby and she’s turning into a petite little lady. Words can’t describe the force of your love. Eleven years ago today, you lay in a hospital bed thinking, “I’m … Continue reading

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Kerry- 2/16/15 – Ships

2/16/15 Dear Kerry, It is humbling to remember your age. An amusing illustration of this occurred which bears preserving. You engaged in a conversation with your fifteen-year-old daughter which pointed to generational differences. She leaned on the kitchen counter beside … Continue reading

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Kerry – 2/2/15 – Oddities in Pandora’s Box

2/2/2015 Dear Kerry, Face it, kid. You’re odd. Your older children point this out daily. Nothing new; no breaking story here, actually. Since childhood, you’ve skipped instead of marched to your own drummer (or is it a bagpiper? I guess … Continue reading

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Guest Letter 1/18/15 Meagan Lucas

This week’s guest writer is Meagan Lucas- Meagan is a Canadian expat living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She is a writer of fiction and a reader of everything. She is a wife, a mother, a fast talker, … Continue reading

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Colleen 1/16/2015 – She

16 January 2015 Perhaps it’s the former columnist in me, but news stories often lead me to ask questions above and beyond. If enough facts fail to surface, I invent narratives to explain why people do what they do. Last … Continue reading

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Jennifer 1/14/15 Personal Power

Personal Power 1/14/2015 Dear Jennifer, After the hubbub dies down, you are once again a mother. A dream come true. Every wish you’ve wished for the last four years, every sacrifice you’ve made, all to assume this mantle of responsibility. … Continue reading

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Mary 12/11/2014 – An Invisible Mother

December 11, 2014 Whether you’re married, single, struggling, or cohabitating, motherhood is a difficult task filled with trials and celebrations. Motherhood isn’t for everyone, but to her children a mother is something special. I am a mother first and foremost, … Continue reading

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