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Colleen 10/3/2014 – Deja vu

3 October 2014 Dear Colleen, By now you have noticed the cyclical pattern of life. You get a déjà vu shiver and realize you’re engaged in activities you’ve already done. Twenty years ago you created another letters project, albeit one … Continue reading

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Elaina 9/29/14- Hypocrite

September 29th, 2014 Dear Elaina, You, my dear, are a hypocrite. You seethe and stew about your husband’s presumed ignorance of  knowing what it is you want out of life, when you have no clue yourself. You are dissatisfied with … Continue reading

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Mary 9/25/2014- Forward

Forward September 25, 2014 Dear Mary, Starting a new chapter in your life has made you quiet all the time now. While I admire your courage to learn to write, and to write well; you need to step back and … Continue reading

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Jennifer 9/24/2014-Time to Change

Time to Change 9/24/2014 Dear Jennifer, Next week your life will change. Whether it changes in the direction you want isn’t up to you, but how you author your own story after the change is. Perhaps you will collapse in … Continue reading

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