Mary 9/25/2014- Forward

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Which Way Will I Go?


September 25, 2014

Dear Mary,

Starting a new chapter in your life has made you quiet all the time now. While I admire your courage to learn to write, and to write well; you need to step back and breathe a bit. Information you don’t understand has held you back a bit. Study hard and you will succeed at what you desire so much.

Sitting here, I ponder the year which has passed you already. You’ve come so far, yet still lacking as I mentioned up above. I wonder if the state of your life as it stands now makes a difference in your writing. Sitting night after night, writing does help, but without a clear understanding; it can take more than a year to overcome the lack of knowledge you have now. Your life makes you who you are now. Don’t forget what I said. There’s only one ‘you’.
You write of the things which needed saying, but who wants to know about your life? You can incorporate your life into the words you write into your fiction. That will help you more than you know.

Mary, you need to get a grip on your nerves, if you want to continue to learn, and learn well. I know you’re a sensitive person, but that’s only in your favor. Why? Because, then the emotions can flow well into your fiction works, only if you venture into the fictional works I know you can write. Step your toe in, and try that, and off you will fly with your words.

Mary, don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from writing, and never forget the daily regime of one thousand words a day, ok? Sure, words fail you every day, but then when the urge hits, write what makes you bleed inside.

Mary, I watched you start this new chapter in your life, and I’m amazed at what has come out of you this year. I know you must feel the same way about your writing too. Nothing helps better than to let it all out when you write. You’re brave and courageous to venture into this, without all the knowledge you never learned before.

This is a new chapter in your life. Be brave and venture forth into a new world of writing your heart’s desire. It can only help you to forget the bad things, and your writing brings out the hopes and longing that you forgotten for a long time now. It’s inside you, let it out. Let’s not forget, you need to write to your kids, so they will have something to read one day.

They need a piece of you that you don’t talk about to them. They don’t know the real you. You’re scared to tell them, afraid they’ll laugh. I don’t think they will. Have faith in yourself.

Yes, Mary, all this has made you quiet this year. What a year this has been for you! I can see some of your words have brought lots of smiles upon your face. Never stop at what makes you smile.

Yours truly,


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