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I Fought the Wall and the Wall Won — Colleen – 5/22/2015

I Fought The Wall and The Wall Won 22 May 2015 I hit The Wall the other day and failed to defeat it. That had never happened before, not in all my fifty years. Granted, I’m not an endurance athlete, … Continue reading

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Fifty Cent Piece: Random Thoughts on Money and Time — Colleen – 4/10/2015

“Fifty Cent Piece: Random Thoughts on Money and Time” 10 April 2015 Fifty pennies really weigh down your pocket, and each one was worth a whole lot more in your youth. Back then, if you found one in a parking … Continue reading

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Amanda 3/4/2015 – Fear and Ambition in Brooklyn

3/4/2015 Dear A: How often have you passed a shop window, caught a reflection of an old, jowly broad out the corner of your eye, mutely snickered at her, then realized it’s your own reflection? How many times have you … Continue reading

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Colleen 10/3/2014 – Deja vu

3 October 2014 Dear Colleen, By now you have noticed the cyclical pattern of life. You get a déjà vu shiver and realize you’re engaged in activities you’ve already done. Twenty years ago you created another letters project, albeit one … Continue reading

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