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Colleen 1/16/2015 – She

16 January 2015 Perhaps it’s the former columnist in me, but news stories often lead me to ask questions above and beyond. If enough facts fail to surface, I invent narratives to explain why people do what they do. Last … Continue reading

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Jennifer 11/4/14 -Optimism!

Optimism! 11/4/2014 Dear Jennifer, Optimism. It’s a quality you claimed to have. You lied. Optimism is the belief that things will turn out OK. You tell people so, and you believe it for them, but you’ve never believed it for … Continue reading

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Mary 10/9/2014 – The Hurdle

The Hurdle October 9, 2014 Dear Mary, You feel the deep detachments as you do every time something major happens in your own life. You stand in the shadows and watch, trying to find your way. Your way where? Your … Continue reading

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