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The Arrogance of Imposition — Colleen – 10/9/2015

The Arrogance of Imposition 9 October 2015 I’m a person with two distinct temperaments. In many ways, I consider myself progressive, forward looking, and fond of finding better ways to get large tasks done. In other ways, I’m an old-fashioned … Continue reading

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It’s Not About You…No really, It’s Not! – Elaina – 5/26/15

It’s Not About You…No really, It’s Not! May 26, 2015 Dear You- Yes YOU! Writers walk a fine line.  No matter what our letters are about, our work is often laced with universal truths. We long to touch our readers’ … Continue reading

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Colleen 3/6/2015 – The Christian Thing to Do

The Christian Thing to Do 5 March 2015 There are few phrases I find more irritating than “it’s the Christian thing to do.” A person has a lot of nerve stating aloud that they’ve decided to do something because it … Continue reading

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Colleen 12/5/2014 – The Arrogance of Fixers

5 December 2014 Dear Colleen, One of the many appealing aspects of your friendship with Elaina is the opportunity to engage in lively philosophical discussions. Last night she asked about your next-door neighbor who, despite a stellar attendance record and … Continue reading

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