One Year of Letters — Kerry – 9/28/2015

12030681_10205007880376005_41442264_nOne Year of Letters

September 28, 2015

Dear K,

It has been an honor to participate in this project. Although I joined as a guest in December and didn’t become a regular contributor until January, I’ve avidly read and found inspiration in the letters presented throughout this year. To think an entire year concludes seems premature. I’ve enjoyed reading the introspective and interacting with the talented OYOL crew. Through the words of the amazing featured authors, I’ve examined life from other perspectives.

I tend to be a private person. Writing about myself is difficult for me. However, this project has illustrated the universality of experiences. Our struggles may diverge, but they cross geographical and socio-economic differences. There is a universality to the human condition. For my part, if I’ve touched even one soul and helped someone to feel less alone in this journey through life, I consider the experiment a success. I count myself enriched by the experience.

I hope One Year of Letters continues its exploration of the human condition. I love reading the diverse voices raised in an eloquent call to Man’s better natures. I hope to be invited to continue to lend my whisper to their chorus, and I hope to touch hearts and improve our lives – one letter at a time.

With wishes and prayers,

Kerry Liz

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