Mary 12/18/14 – We are Individuals

humanWe are Individuals

December 18, 2014

Dear M,

Whether we are red, yellow, white, brown, or black; we are the same. It will always be that way. It’s the way God made it at the Tower of Babel. God divided people into different colors and races. Mary, you know that. You’ve encountered that everywhere you’ve lived in your life. Different races, different colors, different languages, God made us all different, yet we are all His people, we are all individuals, yet, we are all human.

There are cruel people in this world, but cruelty isn’t dependent on color. Yet, some people are cruel to others simply because of the color of the other’s skin. It’s possible to let good overcome evil in this world and to love one another.


I remember a wonderful professor of mine in college once told the class: To get rid of hate is to see everyone as an individual. It’s simple as that. He spoke of the people who live in the middle east as neighbors. They are of the same blood, yet still fight because they are taught since childhood to hate each other.

In America, we see the same thing happening with our neighbors of all races, and nationality. That’s what prompted this letter. To stop the hate we need to see each other as individuals instead color and race. If only each one of us would stop and look at our neighbors, they would see an individual instead of a color, race, or nationality.

People are people, and regardless of color, we aren’t going to get along with everyone. Some of us have personalities that just don’t match with someone else’s. Some of us have negative attitudes and can’t find the good in the world. Other times, our lives simply don’t blend well with another person’s ideas. That doesn’t mean we should we hate.

I firmly believe we all need to stop this animosity and see each other as individuals. Don’t you want to be liked for who you are? That’s a loaded question, but yes, I think we all do, regardless of the color of our skin.

Whether we are red, yellow, white, brown, or black; we are individuals. Be kind to one another, love one another, and let hatred fall.

Keep writing, Mary. Follow yours dreams, and praise God you are who you are in this world, yourself. Love yourself.



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1 Response to Mary 12/18/14 – We are Individuals

  1. Anna Dobritt says:

    Great letter, Mary 😀


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