Plea for a Friend — Kerry – 11/30/2015

12308859_10205291494586183_1529640759_nPlea for a Friend

November 30, 2015

I spent today putting up Christmas decorations. I’ve lost some to our continued flooding. Water is insidious, and it breeds mold and mildew. Still, we put together a little tree, hung stockings, and set up the manger scene.

Yes, our house continues to flood, but we have a plan to prevent further incursions come January. (Thank God for my parents. I am truly blessed.) Despite the interloping H2O, we have a place of our own with electricity, internet access, heat, and running water. We have our own bedrooms, private, albeit small. Our cars have oodles of miles, but they run well, and everyone enjoys reasonable health during this newest flu season.

I have a friend named Anna Dobritt whom I met through an online writers’ group. I’ve admired her determination and dedication. Although disabled, she labors daily, increasing the word count on her works, and yet offering constructive critique to any who ask for her help. She compiles and formats lessons and lends her voice to keep the group a positive and productive place. Despite her busy schedule, she took time to read and comment on our letters, and her words encouraged me. All, despite her disabilities and her challenges.

You see, my friend finds herself evicted and homeless. Without a means to earn a measurable income, Anna Dobritt spends her time in a shelter. She lost her beloved cats due to this experience, but her brother remains steadfast through it all. Although the people at the shelter do their best to comfort Anna in her time of need, her plight is desperate. She yearns for a bit of her own space. There seems to be little help for her, though, and Anna aired a frantic plea. She needs to raise money so that she and her brother can find a place to live outside of the shelter.

I wish I had more money to give. Anna’s face haunts the space behind my eyes, so that when I try to rest, I instead fret about her plight (along with a myriad of other concerns. I am, unfortunately, a worrier.) I’ve sent a small donation, but I wondered if others might have a little to send as well to help this woman in need? As I write, she is about $900 short of a security deposit and first month’s rent. I know we’re all stretched at this time of year, but I can’t imagine spending another holiday in a shelter. Anna has a donation account if you are interested in helping and this is her website .

Thank you for allowing me to bend your ear and share this sad but important appeal. May you always have safe, water-tight homes and spaces to call your own.


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