This Killing Must Stop — Kerry – 11/16/2015

12244203_10205227680870880_358249061_nThis Killing Must Stop

November 16, 2015

This killing must stop.

With each terrorist attack, I shake with anger, but anger’s not what the world needs now. Terrorists who harm and frighten my fellow man are bullies without the backstory, bullies who adulterate religion for their own purpose. Their aim is against entire nations. With every attack, we must become a world united against such tyranny.

I feel gut-punched, gasping wisps of air into shriveled lungs, quaking with reaction, but fear’s not what the world needs now. Even during the worst atrocities, there are saints marching in to help their fellow man. Hands pull survivors to safety and comfort the grieving. Instead of cowering, thoughts turn to how best to help one another. Evil winds braved for the sake of fellow men and posterity.

Photographs of babies bloodied and dead clutched to their parents’ chests should not litter our newsfeeds. Senseless evil. Our children should grow in grace, educated in empathy, not hate. Our hearts shouldn’t ache with anything except a desire for the beauty of our surroundings. Instead of destruction, we should be creating. Our souls should strive for assentation. All souls, all beliefs. No exceptions. Mankind should strive to evolve beyond base instincts and keep an eye toward eternity.

My tears mingle with those who have lost loved ones. Their salt dilutes the spilled blood hemorrhaging into the soul of many nations. Prayers of believers from all peace-seeking people become a chant. Please change the hearts of wrong doers. Please help them to ascend to your goodness, Oh God. I don’t care what name God is called, as long as the prayer pouring from all lips is for an end to this madness.

Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace.

This killing must stop.


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