The Impact of One Year of Letters — Mary – 10/17/2015

12108770_10205207917182416_7992755794945786486_nThe Impact of One Year of Letters

Dear Reader,

When I first started writing weekly letters, I found myself turning a new corner in my life. I didn’t have a clue to what would mean to my life on its anniversary. When writing about myself, I wasn’t comfortable revealing things, but I managed to touch upon a few things.

Upon reflection, I feel as though I’ve grown stronger having written these letters, as I’ve discovered a bit about myself through introspection. What a year to finally let go of what agitated me, and to know that what I had set my heart on doing will come to pass sooner than I think.

The time of doubt about my written work is over. I know which direction I’m going in, and that’s a relief to me. I feel as though I’ve learned a lot, which I have, and I can see it when I write now; although I will always keep learning more about writing. My mind’s much clearer than before. I’ve learned to just be myself.

I thought I had lost my joy in writing, but I haven’t. I had a whole year to mentally prepare myself and organize my thoughts for when it’s time to put down the words to the book I’m currently tinkering with. All writers end up with starts and stops, but determination will overcome the doubts.

Thanks to I’m happy to have been a part of this adventure, and it’s been an eye-opener in so many ways. It had taken me a while to let out all those things that held me back, and finally it’s clear which direction I’m headed. The good news during the October’s OYOL anniversary is that a lot of things have come true for me, whether I liked it or not, thus ending my year on a unimaginable and unanticipated note.

I wonder what the next year of will bring. Hopefully, it will be another diverse year, where all my wishes come true.


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