Say a Little Prayer — Kerry – 8/10/2015

11850789_10204720317347109_2146762323_nSay a Little Prayer

August 10, 2015

Dear Kerry,

Today, my five-year-old son held the door for a woman in a full burka. As she walked by, she said, “May Allah be pleased with you.” My little dude nodded and said, “You’re welcome.” I found the experience interesting and a little exciting, as though this heavily veiled woman allowed me a glimpse into her beliefs.

I know from friends “blessed be” is a wish from wiccan and pagan practitioners. I have a friend who wishes, “Karma be kind.” I’ve heard, “Love and light visit you” and “Aho, all my relations.”

Some atheists object to being “blessed.” Other folks rail against religion. Period. “Don’t pray for me.” Those who feel theirs is the only belief that matters find offensive wishes from any religion other than their own. Inversely, I once wished someone ‘good luck,’ and I was chastised. “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in the power of the Almighty.”

ME? I can use all the prayers people wish to share. I know God is bigger than my comprehension, and I delight in all his children.

I am thankful to live in this time and this climate, because not long ago people who expressed such open-mindedness were declared heretics.

I know in my heart when I say a prayer for someone, God knows my intentions. I never wish to offend.

My heart fills with gratitude for the lady in the burka for her thankful little prayer. Her words gave me pause for reflection and an opportunity to discuss respect for varied religious beliefs. I hope that Allah is pleased with her as well, and May God bless the whole world.


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