Maximum Focus in Fifth Grade — Miss J – 6/3/2015

IMG_3279Please welcome today’s guest writer, Miss J. Miss J has just completed the fifth grade and looks forward to attending middle school this fall. She is an avid reader and writer, and she loves to draw pictures of her friends as superheroes. A talented tap dancer, she also enjoys musicals, opera, and pop-music.

11412343_10200666370057227_2442600314512340185_nMaximum Focus in Fifth Grade

3 June 2015

Dear J—,

Remember that time in school that you had to read that book Maximum Ride? You tried so hard to like it but it never sparked an interest. Your fingers crossed as you drew ponies instead of reading the assigned chapters, hoping there wasn’t a book report. You made it those couple times, but never take those chances again.

Drawing is your most popular thing to do during class. You pay attention but sometimes you slip away. The rule was clear to you and your friend not to draw, but your teacher let you anyway. She found you fascinating, I guess, because you could multitask. You and your friend listened while you both drew your little characters fighting crime. You always got fairly good scores on tests, but you know now that taking short cuts really doesn’t do any good.

The project of drawing took your mind away from real problems and school work and it itself became a problem. You sat in class next to your friend and you both drew maybe 70% of the day. Your teacher noticed it was bringing your scores down a lot and she moved you away from your friend. You were so scared to draw after that because you DO NOT like getting in trouble. This movement made you focus on school and it got you better grades.

Doing what you love might be a door to happiness, but don’t let it side-track you in ways you don’t want to go.



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3 Responses to Maximum Focus in Fifth Grade — Miss J – 6/3/2015

  1. ramonawray says:

    I love the closing sentence. It’s something we should all try to live by 🙂 Lovely letter.

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