It’s That Kind of Weekend — Mary – 5/24/2015

10982083_10204359709817762_5944309557979217300_nIt’s That Kind of Weekend

May 23, 2014

Dear M,

Sitting on the porch swing in the morning sun, you caught sight of the flag of USA flying in the wind just down the road from where you live. Since this is the weekend of Memorial Day, you are glad to see it whipping in the air. You won’t be able to attend any festivities this weekend, but seeing the flag swelled your heart. At the same time you remembered your Uncle who died in WWII and a flag they sent home to Grandma, and it broke her. You’d never met him, but had heard great things about him.

You’ve always wanted to sit on a porch swing like Grandma Lily’s, and you remember how she loved the sun, no matter the weather. Just a spot of sun would do for her. You remembered her when you found your spot on the porch, trying to warm your feet with the sunshine. You delighted in the sunshine sent your way, as it has been what they call Blackberry Winter this past week. Thinking of blackberries made you think about the big juicy ones on the old family land, ripening for picking when July comes. But those are the days of old, gone past now.

You thought it fitting how these memories came to your mind, sitting in the sunbeams  before Memorial Day Weekend. At least you have your fleeting spot of sun, just like Grandma had back then.

It’s a day of remembering of those lost. You’ll treasure the memories too long to write about, but seeing that flag swirling in the wind reminded you of precious people you’ll always miss.

Take care of yourself, and never forget those who mean the world to you.


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