Mary 10/2/14 — The Abyss

10723186_1577922775762763_1593543080_nThe Abyss

October 2, 2014

Dear Mary,

Last week you wrote a letter to yourself, thinking about how brave you imagined yourself to be, and the truth hit you square in the face this week. Daunting task, it is, to write honestly to yourself, but you are not one to shy away from the truth. You strived and strived this past year, and finally; you’re entering into a new year of writing. It will take a year or more to write all that you want to say to yourself.

You’re scared because last week, you mentioned that you needed to step back a bit to breathe; and then your world crashed down hard on you. You ended up letting this hold you back from writing this week. You needn’t worry; the words will come when the urge takes over once again. You reflect back to when you wrote your first story, and how you felt seeing the words on the paper. You marveled how the words made you feel as if you’d remembered the memory over again. You recall how words came to you when you entered college about six years ago, and how that jump started your writing up to this day.

But you’ve learned more this past year than ever before, and now the new chapter is starting; you’re freezing up a bit. It is just nerves, you say. It is much more than nerves. It the doubt that is creeping in, because you are not in that once familiar ground you knew for a whole year and now that your writing is going into a new direction, you wonder a lot. You hate to let things go, and it varies sometimes, but we all have to grow and move with the changes in our lives. This past week has made you feel as if you’re leaning over the precipice, your knees shaking, and gearing up for the flight you’ll take when the ground gives away. And then up you’ll fly and soar. I do believe that or else I’ll fall. Who wants to fall or fail? I don’t, and so far, I haven’t met anyone else who wants to either. I do believe that or else I’ll collapse.

Last week in the letter, remember how you said to have confidence in yourself? You do need more. Why? Why not? It is simple as that. Write till your fingers curl up, and cramps till you have to rest them, and then write some more. Write your words till they sing to you. The music only you can hear and write into your words will swirl like a note on a sheet of music; which you know that in your world you can’t hear. Yeah, just write and it will flow in bits and pieces.

So far your bravery has daunted you, but you are determined to write this week due to the fact that you aren’t writing right much at the moment. This is that new chapter I spoke of last week, and it’s off to a sluggish start, but from now on; I anticipate the writing will run full speed ahead! Fingers crossed! Just keep writing, Mary. As long as you type, write what makes you bleed inside. Write till you smile. Just write.

This is your new chapter; it’s inside you, let it out.


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1 Response to Mary 10/2/14 — The Abyss

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Those words written to you were powerful. Only one who cares and believes in you would write them. That, my friend, is a gift.


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