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Jennifer 1/14/15 Personal Power

Personal Power 1/14/2015 Dear Jennifer, After the hubbub dies down, you are once again a mother. A dream come true. Every wish you’ve wished for the last four years, every sacrifice you’ve made, all to assume this mantle of responsibility. … Continue reading

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Guest: Heather Heyns 1/4/15 Treehouses

This week’s guest writer is Heather Heyns.  Heather was born and raised in the deserts of Southern California. She refuses to own hamsters after the first one hung itself, and her next set ate each other in a Survivor style … Continue reading

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Colleen 10/24/2014 – Published Yet?

24 October 2014 Dear Colleen, This week reminded you of how acutely you feel the strain of not being able to say that you’re published. You tried to open an Amazon author page, but since you’re in three large anthologies … Continue reading

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Sigurd 10/14/2014 – Buck Up

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 Dear Sig-  Your daughter Ann is forty-six years old. The last time you heard her voice was in 1998. From her point of view, you have ceased to exist and will never exist again. She slammed … Continue reading

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