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Tatyana 3/11/2015 – It’s Okay

“It’s Okay” 3/11/2015 Dear Tatyana, It’s okay. You need to hear that right now, don’t you? You are better than you were six months ago. You still have worries every moment, but that’s fine. Everyone goes through this stage, where … Continue reading

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Elaina 1/19/15 The Two of Me

1/19/15 The Two of Me Sometimes I feel like two people live inside me. The first person can change her own flat tire, paint her house, take apart her kitchen sink to fix the disposal, and chop up the tree … Continue reading

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Colleen 11/14/2014 – Girl Power

14 November 2014 Dear Colleen, “I finished my second novel today,” you said. “Now all it needs is a date with the editor.” He leaned forward with interest. “Hey, that’s terrific. Give me a synopsis of them, why don’t you?” … Continue reading

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